December Newsletter



It is amazing how quickly a single small snow storm can change everything from green (the trees) to white. Last night I went home and a couple hours later heard the wind, looked outside and the snow was just coming down. Since we had such warm weather (relatively speaking), it did not stick well to the streets and there was no need for plows. Roads are just fine, but be careful there are some patches of “Black Ice”. No real need for chains or anything. Sun will make it all disappear in a couple hours. There will be snow left on the yards, trees and roof tops, especially at even higher altitudes. The mountains are gorgeous! To borrow an old line, “it is beginning to look a lot like Christmas”.

As I write this, the shops are all beginning to open, the restaurants are all serving a warm breakfast, and all of Wrightwood is beginning to wake. A beautiful time to be here, even if you only come for the day. As you all know, it is an easy drive up here with no winding and twisting road driving necessary.

As something fun, today Santa will be traveling around Wrightwood, going east/west through town. It starts at 6pm and will end at the Wrightwood Fire Station sometime around 9pm. So, watch and listen for him.

Again, thanks to all of you for helping make this year a true success. If you are traveling for the Holidays, please be extra safe and careful. Watch out for the other guy and make it back safely.

–Also, please feel free to stop in and say “Hello”. It is always good to get visits from old friends.


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